Hey, if you are reading this then it is possible that you are interested in person, who is writing this blog. I’m IT guy for a long time. I come from Warsaw, Poland. First PC in my family house have appeared somewhere near 1993. As i was a kid i was mostly interested in playing games, but i did gain some knowledge. After few years everything changed, i even when i was 12 started in IT contest, and was best in my school. Then during high school i begin to search for my way. So i went and i finished studies with degree of engineer (Polish degree, equivalent to western bachelor) in computer networks. Why network not programming? – Because i was lazy, and it was easier to gain similar programming knowledge than on standard programming field of studies. During studies i was a freelance developer and still i’am, but just before ending studies I’ve got a job in Open Finance as a developer. Within last 4 years i was sitting on same chair, working with same guys, but my work evolve. I have had built CRM system for OF, Getin Online, Idea Bank and Lions Bank – all from same financial group. All this work gave me a lot of knowledge – especially with working with big data sets – as systems were bankend for banks. And right now, i’m build brand new CRM for IB – most design and major part of coding is being done by me, and i manage 6 guys who are helping me to get this work done.

And personal life. For more than seven years i’m in relationship with most gorgeous, and sweet girl in the world – my fiancee Karolina. We have red cat Lucek. Karolcia is also IT (server administrator) – we’ve met on studies. Right now she is temporary leaving in Munich,  and i try to find a job there to join her. More about us You can ready on our travel blog – www.ittravel.eu.

Jacek Głogosz

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