Image Watermark

This WordPress plugin will automatically add a watermark to photos uploaded to media library.
Watermark can be text, image (png or gif) or both. Plenty of options can be set – from position, and size of watermark – separately for different types, text color, transparency and font, size of target images. It is able also to rotate uploaded images by exif data. Plugin also allows manual watermarking from WordPress media library or direct of files from upload plugins directory.

Settings window:





Sample image:

Sample image

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  1. Hello,
    I am trying out your watermark plugin.
    I have copyrighted photos I am uploading to a photography site.

    The problem I am having is keeping the original file’s copyright of EXIF, ITPC and TIFF metadata.
    When the watermark is applied, it erases all of that metadata.

    How can I modify the plugin to keep the original metadata?


    1. Its not about keeping, but copying – when watermark is applied – then new image is created that replaces old one – but as I remember when I coded this plugin libraries did not allow me to modify/copy any metadata.

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