WordPress Watermark Plugin Version 0.3

After many days of doing other things, I’ve got time to develop. And so now I present updated version of my plugin. I did not write anything after version 0.2 so here all of changes:

= 0.2 =
* possibility for saving original (not watermarked image), and restoring it
* possibility for watermarking one image

= 0.3 =
* watermarking files from upload and plugins folders
* polishing of interface
* multiple fixes

I hope that it will be useful.  At least I will be using it on my travel blog :).


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  1. Hello,
    I’m interested in your CyberProjekt Image Watermark because it says that you can rotate images using exif. I’m not interested in putting a watermark on my pictures. I’m interested in this plugin because I take photos with my iphone, rotate them on my iphone, transfer them to my PC, upload them to wordpress, they look fine on my website, but when I look at my website on my iphone, I see the images retain their original orientation (and disregard any orienting I did on my iphone or on the computer). When you say „It is able also to rotate uploaded images by exif data,” does that mean that I can rotate the photos easily and permanently across all platforms? From what I understand, my best option now is to change the meta exif for each photo orientation in photoshop before uploading to wordpress. I’m hoping to avoid this as it sounds tedious.
    thanks very much for any information
    all the best

    1. Hi, my plugin wasn’t designed to do only this. But if you would like, a can cut it out, and make a new one with only this function.

  2. Hi, I have installed the watermark plugin and ensured the preserve original option was checked but when deactivating the plugin, all my images are left with two watermarks? How can I get my images back to what they were as looking in Media, they all seem to be affected, even my logo files and slider files.. I am not going to have time to upload every image back to my website , I am hoping this has not overwritten and edited my images permenantly? Thanks


    1. Deactivating plugin will not do anything – watermarks are on images already. You have to activate plugin, and enter through media gallery every image You want to restore to original and then you will see button on right side of screen in options.

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